GOS" Art Gallery Studio

In 1999 Gerry GOS" Simpson  decided to pick up his paint brush in a serious manner. Prior to that,  GOS" only painted for himself, family and friends. It wasn't until his move from the Bay area to Sacramento, California that he decided to take on the World of Visual Arts.

In July 2015, GOS" made another move.  This time to open GOS" Art Gallery Studio "UPTOWN" In The Design District of Sacramento, CA. GOS" not only displays his works,  he represents and displays the artworks of other fellow Artist.


Gerry GOS" Simpson is a self-taught Visual Artist, Photographer, and Fashion Designer whose work communicates positive images of his community and the people, places and interesting things around him. GOS" always applies his unique perspective in his Art. GOS" creates vibrant scenarios with the aide of his brushes and the lens of his camera, it is his goal to keep things simple to avoid loosing the message.


GOS" Art


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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Gerry GOS" Simpson today.

(916) 245-0711

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